Artwork Revealed for “Fading Star” The New Single by Cradle Of Filth Keyboardist Lindsay Schoolcraft featuring Dani Filth


The Album Artwork for “Fading Star” The New Single by Cradle Of Filth keyboardist Lindsay Schoolcraft featuring Dani Filth is Now Complete.

Schoolcraft "Fading Star" with Dani Filth

The new song is now available to Download via Bandcamp. SGL Entertainment Artist Drake Mefestta of Drake Arts Studio is behind the Graphic artwork with photography by Tim Tronckoe photography. Drake Mefestta will also be doing the Graphic Arts for the New Cradle of Filth Album. “As the visual creative director we set out from the photography, cover, the booklet, even the coloring, taking every possible means to re-create the luster, the filthy euphoria which made Cradle of Filth one of the top acts in Black Metal” Quotes Drake Mefestta “An album is meant to be experienced and this is what we are creating with quite the feeling of nostalgia as well.”

Drake Mefestta

Drake Mefestta

From Dani Filth:
“Cradle are now officially midway through writing their new album, which promises to really stoke the fires this time round, as the ten songs already shitten are sounding ultimately like a return to the darkly phantasmagorical of the late nineties and early noughties. Hell truly awaits!”

Dani Filth and Lindsay Schoolcraft

Dani Filth and Lindsay Schoolcraft

by Jeffrey A Swanson / Publisher / Editor / Writer


Ex-Trouble Vocalist Eric Wagner Releases First “Single” With His New Band Blackfinger

Dark Star Records recording artist Blackfinger release their first new single “All The Leaves Are Brown”.
Blackfinger features Eric Wagner, the former vocalist of Chicago’s doom metal band TROUBLE. Trouble formed in 1979 and released numerous widely acclaimed albums such as: Trouble, Manic Frustration and Plastic Green Head. Wagner was also a featured vocalist on Dave Grohl’s heavy metal side project PROBOT, released in 2004 which featured heavy metal vocalists from the 80‘s and 90‘s. The new single “All The Leaves Are Brown” was Produced by Vincent Wojno who worked with “Testament” on The Formation of Damnation Album. The single is just a taste of what’s coming in 2012. All the tracks have been recorded and Producer Vincent Wojno has now begun mixing the new full length album for Blackfinger. Eric Wagner is back with a Vengeance. Eric Wagner also makes a cameo appearance in the full length horror film Jezebeth coming out on Blu-Ray in early 2012. The new red hot single “All The Leaves Are Brown” can be found anywhere downloads are sold including iTunes.

Blackfinger is:

Eric Wagner (vocals)
Doug Hakes (guitar)
Rico Bianchi (guitar)
Ben Smith (bass)
Larry Piatz (drums)

Check out the promo video for the new single:

Download the new single from at:

Blackfinger Official Facebook Page:

Grigori 3 Release Their Hot New Single “Inferno”

Dark Star Records recording artist Grigori 3 release their hot new single “Inferno”. This Chicago based band is bringing you metal, industrial, and alternative all wrapped up in one song . “Inferno” is a teaser for their Sophomore album “On Your Six” coming out in 2012. The band has been working with Grammy nominee producer Matt Mercado in the making of the album “On Your Six” to showcase more of their metal roots. Before the album is released worldwide, fans will have the opportunity to purchase a special pre-release autographed copy exclusively at the Dark Star Records online store. This limited edition full length album will be available on November 22nd to purchase for only $13.00 and is a must have for any fan of Grigori 3 or the genre. The song “Inferno” will also appear in the cable series pilot “Jezebeth” as well as the full length vampire horror film Jezebeth II hour of the gun, a vampire western being filmed in the summer of 2012. Both Gwen Bartolini and Ray Wise from Grigori 3 have also landed acting roles in both Jezebeth The TV Series and Jezebeth II the sequel. Grigori 3 has several tracks from their debut album “Exile” featured in the Original Motion Picture Jezebeth coming out on Blu-Ray in early 2012 released by The Phoenix Group and SGL Entertainment. Other tracks from the new album “on Your Six” will also be featured in the Jezebeth TV Series as well as Jezebeth II. So, get a taste of what’s to come and download the new single “Inferno” by Grigori 3 available wherever downloads are available via

Watch The Making of “On Your Six”:

New Single “Inferno” by Grigori 3 on iTunes:

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