“Lords of Meat” Re Release Their Classic Album “A Mind A World Away”

Dark Star Records Re Release the Classic Album “A Mind A World Away” by Chicago based Metal Icons Lords Of Meat. The band was very popular in Europe and the Chicagoland Area and had originally released “A Mind A World Away” on Cassette in 1993. The band features vocalist Scott Huffman who also was the lead singer for Metallian, Twelfth Gate and Mindwarp Chamber. This special re release also includes three Live Studio Bonus Tracks. The Classic Album “A Mind A World Away” can now be found anywhere downloads are sold including iTunes via Dark Star Records and Sony Music.

Lords of Meat is:

Vocals: Scott Huffman
Lead/Rhythm Guitar: Steve Stefani
Lead/Rhythm Guitar: Adam Polzin
Bass: Oliver Schmidt
Drums: Mike Konopka

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SGL Entertainment To Release “Planet Dead”

SGL Entertainment acquires the action laced apocalyptic zombie horror Film “Planet Dead”, Written, directed and produced by Larry Greene. The world falls into chaos after a rogue scientist unleashes a virus that turns the living and the dead into flesh eating monsters. A Special Forces Team is sent into a growing danger zone to recover the cure from the scientist, but as they enter the hot zone they must seek refuge in a nearby nightclub with a few civilians as they wait for the rescue chopper to arrive. Armed with limited ammo they must battle the ever growing number of once human monsters.

Planet Dead Stars: Charles Adames, Joe DeBartolo, Raven Oscar Flores, Larry Greene, Emilie Jolie, Bryan Maas, Darren Marlar, Anthony Martino, Nena Willison McLain, Samantha McLain, Rebecca Muraski, Monica Ochoa, Tom Parrish, Giovanni Pauletti, Faith Ridge, Mykal Rodriguez, Rob Romero, Marla Seidell and Jeron Thompson.

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The Vampire Horror Film JEZEBETH Will Be Represented At The Hong Kong International Film & TV Market

The Vampire Horror Film JEZEBETH will be represented at the Hong Kong International Film & TV Market. SGL Entertainment has just secured a deal that will take our film to the Largest Film Market in the Far East. We will be represented at a booth there with over 40 buyers already scheduled to view our Trailer. Jezebeth was Written, Directed and Produced by Damien Dante and Co Produced by Jeffrey A Swanson.

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Hong Kong International Film & TV Market

Drake Mefestta’s Artwork Is Now Featured On Several New Book Covers

Renowned Artist, Musician and Actor, Drake Mefestta now has several of his finest artwork pieces featured on several new and upcoming books. Here is a list of the titles:

1). Into the Inferno: The Ninth Gate Magazine collection.
Issues 1-7, Dark Moon Press brings you the collected works of all six issues of The Ninth Gate Magazine, reformatted and includes the never seen final issue! A mixture of dark underground publications of its kind, it focused on authors, artists, bands and articles from Goth, Occult, Satanism and Vampire subculture and dark pop culture overall. Some of the people featured are Joseph Vargo, Michelle Belanger, Raven Digitalis, and Christopher Penzack, members of the Church of Satan such as Marilyn Mansfield, Magister Paradise and more. A unique collectable printing.

2). Claw and Fang Tooth and Nail: A Werecreature Anthology.
Dark Moon Press brings you a collection of short stories of werecreatures of all kinds by various authors.

3). Zombie Nation: From Folklore to Modern Frenzy.

4). Dante’s Inferno: (Original Reprint).

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