On a cold and snowy day, Filmmaker Ricardo Islas and his crew ventured into the woods of Illinois to begin filming “Frankenstein” The Day of the Beast. For several weeks the cast and crew would endure blizzards and freezing temperatures as Ricardo Islas directed the cabin scenes. The only heat we had was the actual fireplace in an authentic historic cabin. The result was incredible. From there the cast and crew would travel to a very old abandoned church in Chicago to film the wedding scene. With the sunlight shooting rays of light through the stained glass dome ceiling and the priest ready to begin the ceremony, the atmosphere of this church in complete ruble was more than words could describe. Soon after the pictures began to surface and a mini teaser trailer was released the film company Alpha Studios acquired some funding and began building the main sets in the city of Chicago. Special effects and set design were created by the master of horror John M Vitiritti. Many of the interior scenes have now been shot including explosions, gunfire, stabbings, dismemberment, etc. With three quarters of the film shot and enough funds to finish the film “Frankenstein” The Day of the Beast… is well on it’s way to making movie history with a version of Frankenstein that is unlike anything you have ever seen…

The lead roles are played by Adam Stephenson as Victor Frankenstein, Michelle Shields as Elizabeth and Tim Krueger as The Monster.

Ricardo Islas has six horror movies out including Night Fangs, Lockout and The Day Of The Dead, many of which have been released through Warner Bros.

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The Horror Vampire Film “Jezebeth” Lands A Six Figure Deal With The Phoenix Group

SGL Entertainment and Satania 6 Films in association with Dark Star Records have signed a six figure multi picture movie deal with The Phoenix Group. This worldwide deal includes foreign and domestic rights to Jezebeth, Jezebeth II, Jezebeth III, the Jezebeth cable series pilot and more. The Phoenix Group who also represent the films: Boggy Creek, Renfield and Abduction have offices in Palm Desert California, Boca Raton Florida and Atlanta Georgia. Jezebeth the Motion Picture was written, directed and produced by Damien Dante along with Executive producers Jeffrey A Swanson and Lloyd Freeze. The film stars Bree Michaels as Jezebeth. Bud Schaffer the CEO from the Phoenix group told the two franchise partners Damien and Jeffrey that he was very impressed with the teaser trailers, name, logo, graphics, media and press that he had seen. And, also that the promo video “The Girls of Jezebeth Storm Hot Topic” was proof that Jezebeth had it all. The Phoenix Group will be taking Jezebeth to MIPTV in Cannes, France from April 4-7, 2011 and this is only the beginning. With two more motion pictures and a television show in the works, Jezebeth stands ready to devastate anything in her path…

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The Girls of Jezebeth Storm Hot Topic:

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DD Rand Signs With Dark Star Records

We are pleased to announce that DD Rand, original lead guitarist from the 80s Hard Rock/Metal band Ravage out of Chicago has inked a deal with Dark Star Records. DD Rand’s guitar style mixes bone crunching guitar rifts with screaming leads. His songs are loaded with catchy choruses influenced by classic 80’s rock but with a modern high caliber production level. DD Rand currently has deals with Shrapnel and Retrospect Records. And now with his latest digital release “venom in Denim” out on Dark Star Records, DD Rand will once again take the world by storm.

Musicians on the album include: DD Rand – lead guitar/lead vocals, Paul Pike – Bass, Matt Udall – Bass, Tim Strunk- Bass, Larry Cornwall – lead vocals/drums, Dave Helzer – Drums, Henry Hartman – Drums, Doug Herschbach – Drums.

The New Album “Venom in Denim” is now available on iTunes: