Frankenstein “Day of the Beast” Wraps Up Filming

Frankenstein “Day of the Beast” Wraps up filming on schedule. After a long cold winter and a relentless struggle throughout the early spring, the cast and crew of Frankenstein persevered through the harsh weather conditions of Chicago, and managed to bring Frankenstein the movie to a wrap on schedule. With the help of an amazingly talented cast who filmed in sub below freezing temperatures, wind, and rain, director Ricardo Islas was able to bring out amazingly realistic performances from some of Chicagoland’s best actors. With post production now in full swing, it won’t be too long before the horror of Frankenstein is unleashed to movie fans around the world. For a sneak peek of Frankenstein, the movie studio has released a select number of stills to be seen for the first time in public.

” So far the footage I have seen looks amazing” -Ricardo Islas / Director

Frankenstein “Day of the Beast” is produced by THESPIS with Executive producers John Marinopoulos and Andrew C. Mathews along with producers Mark Harris, Elias Plakias, John Karagianis, Robyn Starr, John Vitiritti, Chris Margetis and Jeffrey A. Swanson.

The lead roles are played by Adam Stephenson as Victor Frankenstein, Michelle Shields as Elizabeth and Tim Krueger as The Monster.
Ricardo Islas has six horror movies out including Night Fangs, Lockout and The Day Of The Dead, many of which have been released through Warner Bros.

Official Teaser Trailer:

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Jezebeth “World Premiere” To Be Held At The Portage Theater

The much anticipated world premiere screening of the vampire horror film Jezebeth, will be held at the historic Portage Theater in Chicago, on Sunday, June 5, 2011. This historic theater can seat up to 1,400 people and has a giant screen that will bring the demon Jezebeth to you in a larger than life presentation. The Portage Theater was also one of the settings for Johnny Depp’s movie Public Enemies. The screening will officially kick off the Jezebeth film franchise, including the Jezebeth cable series pilot filming this summer. SGL Entertainment and Satania 6 Films in association with Dark Star Records have recently signed a six figure multi picture movie deal with The Phoenix Group. This worldwide deal includes foreign and domestic rights to Jezebeth, Jezebeth II, Jezebeth III, the Jezebeth cable series pilot and more. The future looks bright for the Jezebeth filmmakers, cast and crew. And, this will be the first public screening of this soon to be cult classic horror film. Doors open at 11am and the movie Starts at 3pm. Meet the Cast, The Girls of Jezebeth, get Autographs and much more. Tickets will be sold in advance and at the door. Admission is only $10.00 per person. And, This is a Red Carpet Affair.

Jezebeth the Motion Picture was written, directed and produced by Damien Dante. Executive Producers Jeffrey A Swanson and Lloyd Freeze. The film stars Bree Michaels as Jezebeth.

Buy your tickets now at and receive a free goodie bag at the door. And, that’s not all. If you purchase your tickets right now online you’ll also get a Silver VIP Pass. Here is the Link to get your tickets online:

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