David Shankle NAMM interview 2010 with Metal Sanaz talking about the movie JEZEBETH

David Shankle is interviewed by Metal Sanaz at NAMM 2010. Shankle gives viewers a personalized and informative overview of his epic DS7 Shred Machine Signature Dean 7-string guitar. David also talks about his involvement in the Movie JEZEBETH for which David Shankle plays the Demonic Solo acted out by Bree Michaels. David Shankle also has a bonus video included on the JEZEBETH DVD. The movie is Written and Directed by Damien Dante and is represented by SGL Entertainment. For more videos and info about David Shankle go to http://www.deanguitars.com

DRAKE MEFESTTA Starring In The History Channel Documentary Real Vampires

Drake Mefestta has begun shooting a documentary in Canada for The History Channel called “Real Vampires” which will take viewers into the life of real vampirism. This special glance into the world of a real vampire assures to be a raw, straightforward and real documentation of this unique lifestyle. Drake will be presenting answers in an interview dispelling common myths as well as living with vampirism in society today. Drake will also be giving an exceptionally rare look into the method of carrying out a live feeding on camera so that viewers can see the process from beginning to end and the effects of feeding thereafter. Drake Mefestta is represented by SGL Entertainment.

Kyle Michaels Signs With SGL Entertainment

Lead Singer from The Geezer Butler Band, Masi and Ravage signs with SGL Entertainment. Kyle Michaels is also currently auditioning for the chart busting melodic metal band DragonForce as seen in the video above. This audition video was done in one take with the help of manager Lloyd Freeze and video producer Dan Manzella of Dig-It-Al Studios.