Jeffrey Marshall and the Foundation along with the Breedloves Bring a Ray of Hope to Blues Fest 2014

Blues Fest 2014

On Tuesday, July 22nd at 6:00pm, Todos Santos Park is packed with people of all ages. They are looking forward to a great night of Acoustic Guitars and Blues.


Jeffrey Marshall is a unique bass player, harpist and lead singer. You see Jeffrey has no arms!!! and yet he has managed to write music, sing and play the bass guitar. Because he has no arms, Jeffrey has learned to play the bass guitar with his feet. Jeffrey has performed all around the world giving hope to so many people, and now Jeffrey Marshall brings his original style of music to Concord California.

Jeffrey Marshall

Jeffrey Marshall

The Breedloves are Jay Kirkland on lead guitar & Barbara Gorin on 12 string & vocals. Jay has been playing guitar since he was a child, and is an avid song writer, and able to play all styles. of music, from jazz to blues, to metal to fusion. Barbara has been strumming the guitar since she was young as well and has a particular love for playing the 12 string. Together, they have a musical chemistry you will love. Both Jay and Barbara are involved with a wonderful children’s music charity, Guitars Not Guns, particularly the Contra Costa County, California Chapter. Jay is an instructor and sees the joy he can bring to kids through the gift of music. He learned early on how music saved him from destructive behaviors, and believes strongly in what Guitars not Guns stands for.


Mary Louaine Elliot, also known as the Rockin Flute is seen here with Johnny Ramos on Guitar. And, all in all it was a great evening of music at Todos Santo Park in Sunny Concord California.

Mary Louaine Elliot

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by Jeffrey A Swanson / Publisher / Editor / Writer

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