Country Metal Artist “Haf Bitten Moon” Signs with Dark Star Records

It's About Time by Haf Bitten Moon

We are pleased to announce that the Chicago based Country Metal Band “Haf Bitten Moon” has signed with Dark Star Records. These musicians have been playing hard rock and metal all over the Chicagoland area for many years but now together as “Haf Bitten Moon” the band has unleashed a sound they call Country Metal, complete with heavy slide guitars, hard rock drums, bass and country rock vocals. Look for their new 4 song EP to be released worldwide later this year via Dark Star Records in Association with Sony Music Entertainment.

Haf Bitten Moon

Haf Bitten Moon is: Sean Finley: Vocals, Michael J. Kurtz: Guitar, Greg Johnson: Bass,
Ronald L. Warford: Drums

Stream The New Single “Get My Rocks Off” by Haf Bitten Moon:

For More Info on Haf Bitten Moon go to:

For more info on Dark Star Records go to:

by Jeffrey A Swanson / Publisher / Editor / Writer


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