Two Ton Anvil Debut Their New Music Video “Corruption”

We are pleased to announce that the hard rock metal band Two Ton Anvil have just released their new music video “Corruption” to air on all national and local television stations plus on demand. The video has a movie like feel to it and a story line about corruption in politics where the lead character appears to be fighting corruption and tracking presumably guilty people down, but in the end it is him that is corrupt, covering his tracks, taking bribes, shaking people down, and having people murdered. Inspired by corrupt Illinois politics. The video stars: Paul Tietz, Jeff Russo, Daniel Keller, Kathryn Brenner, Lissy MacMillan, Baby D Frost, Cyndi Carroo, Lindy Tsetseranos, Ty Barton, Kim DeMumbrum, Mario and Paula Salazar & Paul Christon with special appearances by: Colleena Corrigan, Kelsey Kozak and Galina Emmerich. “Corruption” was directed, edited and produced by Mario Salazar of Genex Productions for Dark Star Records. Special thanks to SGL Entertainment and John Warden of Rive Video Promotion.

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