Drake Mefestta The Real Vampire Featured on WGN Television Channel 9 Chicago

Drake Mefestta the “Real Vampire” as seen on the “History Channel” in Canada will be featured on the WGN Morning News Show, Channel 9 Chicago on Friday October 28th at 8am. Drake also Stars as Jonah in the television show “Jezebeth” as well as the full length vampire horror film “Jezebeth”. Drake has decided to come out of the dark with his condition known as “vampirism” and pursue his career in acting and music. For more information on Drake Mefestta go to:


Meet Drake in person at The Portage Theater in Chicago For The World Premiere of Frankenstein “Day of the Beast” Sunday November 27th at 3pm.


And, then again for a second showing of Frankenstein on Thursday December 1st 9:30pm at the Pickwick Theater in Park Ridge Illinois: