“Fleetwood Mask” The Ultimate Tribute to Fleetwood Mac and an Enchanting Live Experience

Fleetwood Mask is the Ultimate Tribute to Fleetwood Mac, and is Endorsed by Mick Fleetwood himself. I had a chance to see the band Live at the Art & Wine Festival in Walnut Creek California on May 31st 2014. Quotes “Jeffrey A. Swanson Editor for Movies Models and Music Magazine. Here is my review:

Fleetwood Mask


As I arrived to the Festival I could hear the band playing “Oh Well” originally recorded by “The Rockets” in 1979. A great song to get the crowd going, and so they Did. I’ve seen a lot of tribute bands in my time and also played in the popular Chicago based AC/DC Tribute band Dirty Deeds. So, I am no stranger to the world of Tribute bands. The band continued to roll out crowd favorites like Dreams, The Chain, You Make Lovin’ Fun, Sara, etc… Most of which are from the white album and Rumors. I have to admit that the band really looked a lot like Fleetwood Mac, and really pulled off a great live show. The harmonies were very good, with Barbara Martin (Christine McVie), and Steve Roberts (Lindsey Buckingham) pulling off some great backing vocals as well as their lead spots. But what really won me over was Claudette Rodrigues (Stevie Nicks) who not only played the part of Stevie Nicks to a tee, but had managed to pull off her unique vocal style. At one point during the show I found myself getting lost in the Enchantment of Fleetwood Mac, Yes! it was an Incredible experience. There was great chemistry on stage with Don Oberempt (Mick Fleetwood), Paul Jones (John McVie) and Debra Blondheim – backup vocals, percussion and keyboards rounding out the sound. Claudette Rodrigues (Stevie Nicks) Enchanted the Audience by walking out into the crowd and dancing with her many delighted fans. As the set came to an end, the band closed with the popular “Go Your Own Way”. By the time it was over the crowd demanded one more song. One More! One More! The crowd chanted, and so the band had litte choice but to play another song, and so for an encore’ the band played “Stand Back” and had the crowd on their feet the entire time. ~Jeffrey A. Swanson / Movies Models and Music Magazine

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Fleetwood Mask

Fleetwood Mask

Fleetwood Mask

by Jeffrey A Swanson / Publisher / Editor / Writer

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