Casting Call For Jezebeth TV Series

Director Damien Dante of Satania 6 Films, along with Executive Producer Jeffrey A Swanson of SGL Entertainment present JEZEBETH the TV Series. Damien Dante and Jeffrey A. Swanson, partners in the Jezebeth movie franchise, will begin filming their Cable TV series Pilot episode in and around Richmond, Illinois in June 2011. The Pilot is based on the vampire film Jezebeth, to be released internationally in 2011. Shooting dates for the Pilot episode require that you be available from early morning until very late at night. SAG and Non-SAG actors. For the parts yet to cast, you must be female, very attractive, 200% dedicated, between 18 to 32. Some scenes require nudity. Casting call: Saturday, March 26, 2011. Time TBA. Located at Sheil Park. 3505 North Southport Ave, in Chicago. Email your headshot & resume to the director Damien Dante at

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