“Jezebeth” Second Teaser Trailer Now Online

The Second teaser trailer for the full length horror film “Jezebeth” is now online.

“Jezebeth” is written, directed and produced by Damien Dante of Satania 6 Films and distributed by DSR Music and Film Distribution in association with Sony Entertainment.  This unique horror film will be presented in a way that has never done before in filmmaking and promises to scare the hell out of you!  The trailer also features the track “Source Fire” by Bloodstream Parade.

Jezebeth stars:  Bree Michaels as Jezebeth; Madeline Maser as Lenora Blandy; Amanda Jean as Lamia Blandy; Katie Auerbach as Justina Diego; Colleena Corrigan as Fatmia White; Galina Emmerich as Lucia Blandy; Kelsey Kozak as Abigail Blandy and Jeff Swan as Reverend Andrew Blandy. Special appearances by: Baby D Frost, Gregg Potter, Drake Mefestta, Wolf and Davita Ranger.

Production of the “Jezebeth” teaser trailer features:  Dan Manzella (Cinematographer), Brian Tedeschi (Editor), David Tedeschi (Score), with Jeffery Swanson, Lloyd Freeze and Heather Ledger as (Executive Producers).

Chicagoland’s Hottest Film! A must see this Year!

~Greg Chruscielski / Buzz Magazine

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